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AQ Stands for Ace Quotient.

AQ = IQ + EQ + LQ.


The AQ platform’s goal is to nurture Ace career talent with solid knowledge & skills (IQ), people skills (EQ) and ability to love the world around them (LQ). 


At AQ, you can expect exclusive career training through bitesize videos that can equip you with the global view, future view and holistic view – the exact extra boost you need to Ace the future job market!


At AQ, you are also equipped with your unique AQCV, which is your personalized digital branding page that captures your talent and development trail at the AQ platform. AQCV is an effective tool for you to standout from your peers for job application, quality networking and more!

AQ connects you to mentors and friends who can guide and help them. 

What is AQ different?

AQ is a video-based social media platform centered primarily on career.

AQ has four differentiating values:

Unique advisory and network exclusive to AQ:

We provide tailored advisory and mentorships that equip you with hands-on career skills and valuable network.

Useful career oriented learning syllabi all at bitesize:

AQ allows job seekers to pick up useful skills, not available in school curriculums, to better prepare for their next career move.

Direct network with HR and executives:

AQ allows job seekers to network with mentors and professionals who volunteer to help young people with career orientation;

Cutting edge CV tool:

AQ CV tool allows people to demonstrate highlights of their talents and development track record in short videos anytime, anywhere; 

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