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Get to know all about our core features!



Under the tab “Learn”, users can get to know people, pick up useful knowledge & skills as well as available job opportunities. There are three channels under Learn: Community, Selected and Group. Community contains all posts from community users, allowing users to learn from each other. Selected contains learning material recommended by AQ portal, generated either through organic production, or picked up from various sources as reference reading (copyright always stay with the original user). Group contains structured courses offered by star teachers or community events organized by certain user groups. 



Under the tab “Earn”, users can review all the learning merit points AFlowers they have collected through various activities in AQ portal. AFlowers can be spent within the AQ platform to purchase learning content or can be used to exchange Acoins.


Our powerful in-app camera allow users to share their learning content from the palm of their hands. The in-app camera has built in various editing functions, filters and effects, allowing users to create their own master piece. Users can also choose to release content to the whole community, to selected audience, or simply save the video for future purpose. 



Under the tab “Social”, users can interact with each other using the In-App messaging functions similar to conventional messenger tools such as WhatsApp or Skype. It supports exchange via text, voice recording, message calls, sharing location and many more. The Social tab allows users to create a social networking environment for professional purposes without disclosing private contacts. It also allows Chinese users to meet western friends and vice versa, which is quite unique today as most of the major western social media portal is not connected to Chinese users.   


All activities across Learn, Earn and Social are captured in the CV. This is the most cutting edge element of the AQ portal: through using AQ, every individual can shape his or her own CV. It is accumulated over time, certified by all community members. Compared with traditional CV, the AQ CV presents the profile of a candidate with a much higher “resolution”.

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