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Shoot the Bug

Event duration: until 28th Feb 2019

How to play:

Film short videos to actively discuss and share suggestions on how to improve your AQ experience! Here are some examples of what you can do:

  • Ask fellow users how to use AQ

  • Show your tricks and teach others how to use AQ

  • Identify and report bugs

  • Share ideas on how to make AQ better for you

  • Share features you want to be included in AQ

  • Use embedded video CV and private messaging tools to Apply to Become Part of Our Team (we are hiring!)



  1. Highest amount of A-Coins accumulated by the cut-off day: HKD in the amount of coins accumulated, up to HKD 5, 000 (e.g., if you are the champion with 1000 A-Coins by the cut-off day, you will receive HKD 1000)

  2. Most valuable idea: HKD 5000

  3. Job offer to join AQ team: case by case


  • Results will be sent to all AQ-ers via system message. Our staff will contact the winner and hand out the award;

  • Since we constantly update AQ, data from the previous version might not be transfered to the upgraded version in time. Please do remember to save a screenshot of your AQ Wallet every night to keep a record.

*Disclaimer: All rights and explanation to game rules retained by Allblo Technology Co. Ltd.
Help us identify bugs and enhance your experience to earn extra AFlowers and rewards!
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